43-Conduit Between Two Fixtures

Model Conduit between two Electrical Fixtures.

In the Dynamo Player inputs, select 1st & 2nd Fixture, and how you want them connected. Connect directly goes straight from the 1st connector to the 2nd, the X/Y options are for going around corners.

Last Dialog Selections file is a small CSV that saves the previous dialog inputs.

“Comments” parameters for the Conduit Run will be set from the “DEVICE ID” from the first fixture selected.

In the dialog box, select which connector to use from each fixture…
…and which conduit Type and click Model Conduit button
Optional show results dialog

Video Demonstration

34-Ordinate Dimensions

Draw ordinate dimensions made from Text Notes in the current View with a face of box selected. The graph will find intersections of the selected face and Conduits to place the “dimensions”.

If the dimensions come in the wrong way, Undo and “Flip XY Plane?”

Documentation on Sheet

Video Demonstration